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Don’t Let Your Horse Be Lost Without ID!

Nearly every time I have gone for a week or more of horse camping, I hear a sad story. A horse and rider parted ways, and the horse was lost in the woods. What a nightmare that would be… worrying about broken legs, snagged bridles, and rolling saddles. I would be worried to death about my horse. Is he eating enough? Are wild animals an issue? Here is one such story…

Playdoh’s owner had launched an extensive Facebook campaign that ultimately reunited her with her horse. Imagine how much simpler it would have been if he’d had an ID MyHorse tag on his saddle? Not only is it advantageous to have identification on your horse, but I also occasionally hear about a crash and burn where a rider who needed medical care.

How many of us carry critical medical information on our bodies? Would First Responders know your specific allergies? Or blood type? Your pre-existing conditions? Or “ICE” (In Case of Emergency) contact information? What are YOU doing to protect yourself and your horse? It is better to HAVE it and not NEED it than it is to NEED it and not HAVE it. Be proactive! Be prepared!

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