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Self Defense for Trail Riding

Several years ago at a Horse Expo, I had the privilege of listening to Scot Hansen present a workshop on self-defense while trail riding. I often ride alone and I learned some valuable lessons from that seminar. I learned my instinctive responses were the wrong responses.

For instance, if someone grabs your leg, your first instinct is to tighten up your leg or kick the predator. That is the wrong response! It makes it easy for the perpetrator to pull you off balance when he grabs your stiff or extended leg. The correct response is to keep your leg flexible and bent at the knee as you maneuver your horse into the perpetrator. You can read a brief article about Scot’s methods and find links to other resources here.

In addition to learning how to protect yourself from predators on the trail, consider protecting your health and safety by having emergency information available to other riders and First Responders. ID MyHorse Emergency Medical and Identification Tags provide emergency information on two separate cards… .one for the horse and one for the rider. No need to scramble for information or share one data card. One card stays with the horse, one card stays with the rider. The ID tag hangs from the saddle on a D-ring, unobtrusive and out of the way but ready in case of emergency. Even better, braid them into the mane, and wear one on your person.

Please take the time to read the article and keep yourself safe on the trail!

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