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The World's Best Emergency ID for Horse & Rider

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Ride Alone With

Your Medical Alert Tag provides First
Responders with Emergency Contact
and medical information.

honey bee, insect, animal

Plan Around Allergies
& Medical Issues

Are you allergic to bees? Do you have diabetes or another medical condition? Are you allergic to specific medications?

Be Prepared for
Whatever Happens!

No one wants to leave camp in a LifeFlight
helicopter. Do First Responders know
all they need to know about you?

Leave Camp
With Confidence

Be away from camp or a horse show all day, knowing if your horse becomes ill or injured, you can easily be notified.

Be Prepared for
Fire or Floods

Don't wait until an emergency.
Have identification on your
horse before you need it!

Plan Ahead for
Unplanned Separations

If your horse escapes the trailer or
you become separated on the trail,
can he be identified as your horse?

No More...

...Signs in Windows,
Hoping You Get
Your Horse Back

Don't find yourself dependent on a sign
in a low-trafficked general store to inform
people that you own that missing horse...

... Uncertainty About
Your Loved Ones Being
Notified in an Emergency

Don't leave First Responders
scrambling to identify you and
notify your emergency contact.

...Leaving EMT's
Guessing About
Your Medical History

First Responders can treat you
with confidence if they know
your medical history.

At ID My Horse we know that you want the freedom to go places you can’t go on foot.  We also know you want to look cool doing it!  The problem is, every time you interact with your horse, you are at risk of potential injury. It simply isn’t possible to manage your horse and your environment in such a way as to always avoid a problem. 

We think it is a scary proposition that you and your horse might be separated or worse, you might not make it safely back to your family. We want to make sure First Responders can confidently treat you with the absolute best and safest methods.

Furthermore, we’d like to help you make sure your horse comes home to you if he’s lost! Hurricanes and forest fires are an increasing threat in our country.  Don’t wait until the last minute to have identification on your livestock. Our tags will stay attached to a small section of braided mane for weeks or months at a time.

ID MyHorse Emergency Medical and Identification Tags were created by a veterinarian and lifetime rider. She had personally experienced injuries and separation from her horse on the trail.  She realized how unprepared she was for an accident or natural disaster of any kind. That’s why we created the world’s best safety and medical ID for horse & rider.  It’s also why Top TrailAging Horsewomen International, and Horse Habit TV endorse our ID’s!

It's EASY to Get You & Your Horse Home Safely!

Purchase an ID MyHorse
Emergency Information Tag
Receive Your Tags in the Mail
Add a Layer of Protection
for You & Your Horse

No one ever thinks it will happen to them... But it does!

"I flew off to the side and apparently broke everything!!"
Read Grace's story about her encounter with a horse-eating mini donkey!
I broke my right femur, my right hip, and my right sacrum. On the left side I broke 7 ribs, my collarbone and my scapula. I whacked my head and I had a concussion and a brain bleed. I punctured a lung from one of the broken ribs, and I ended up with all kinds of complications from that. I remember none of it, which is wonderful.
Grace Whelan Doran
Lakeland, FL
"The Klutz Factor is always lurking in the background!"
Pam did everything possible to be safe, but she still managed to get into trouble.
One day, I am getting off on her right side. And then it happens…I missed the step. Because it is a plastic step, it tips and I go down. But not all the way down, because my foot is caught in the stirrup.
Pam Dryer
Arcadia, IN
"I needed to find my Sisterhood!"
In January of 2017, Sharon found herself in a place of despair. Read what she did to get back in the saddle!
As a retired nurse, I know how fragile our bodies can be… especially when those bodies have already lasted at least a half a century! Safety is a primary concern. I love ID MyHorse Emergency Medical and Identification Tags! I wear mine clipped to my Hit-Air Vest. Having my contact and medical information readily available increases my sense of security when interacting with my horse.
Sharon Roberts
Founder of Aging Horsewomen, Int'l

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