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Vesicular Stomatitis

AHI, the Horse Whisperer, and Seven

Aging Horsewomen International Last weekend, Alan and I had the opportunity to attend the first-ever gathering of a chapter of Aging Horsewomen, International. To be sure, Alan doesn’t qualify… but he got to go as an old lady’s sidekick! AHI is primarily a Facebook group, although their newly renovated website offers some amazing perks! While I have […]

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Vesicular Stomatitis Outbreak!

Vesicular Stomatitis, or VS, is a viral disease that primarily affects horses and cattle. It may occasionally affect other hooved animals, such as pigs, goats, sheep, llamas, and alpacas. Rarely, humans handling affected animals can experience flu-like symptoms. Although rarely fatal, VS can have a personal and economic impact on livestock owners. I decided to

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